New Unpacking Machine For Biscuits From Flow-Packs

Clean separation of product and packaging material from incorrect packaging

Many well-known producers in the food and confectionery industry are committed to “sustainable production” with all associated processes, which ultimately also includes the environmentally friendly recycling of re-work. Instead of the disposal or destruction of “good” products on the garbage or biogas plant, an international confectionery group has acquired a “tailor-made” PACK-SAVER from the leading manufacturer of product recovery machines Leu-Tronic GmbH, 76307 Karlsbad.

The requirements and tasks were discussed at the customer’s site with the Leu-Tronic experts. This included also the partial integration of the PACK-SAVER into a previously installed, but unsatisfactorily working recycling system.

The amount of re-work or reject packs that are produced by several flow-pack machines are collected and sent to the central recycling department in special containers. By means of a hydraulic lifting and tilting device the individual flow packs are loaded into an elevator for controlled transfer to the PACK-SAVER separation system.

The scope of delivery from Leu-Tronic included the feed elevator with storage hopper as a buffer.

The complete synchronization of the work processes is monitored by the ALLEN BRADLEY-ROCKWELL PLC control supplied by Leu-Tronic (was a customer request).

Another special feature is that a dust extractor in ATEX execution was also supplied.

The PACK-SAVER separates product and packaging material. While the emptied film is collected on a conveyor belt in a large container, the unpacked product is transported to the milling station installed on the 2nd floor via an existing transport system. The delivered system achieves an output of approx. 200 kg of biscuits per hour. The entire system is monitored by only 1 operator.

This means that the customer can return almost 100% of the scrap or re-work to the new production. The packaging material can properly be recycled.

The food company operates several PACK-SAVER systems for various products worldwide. This not only achieves enormous savings potential, but they can also refer to the sustainable processing of re-work. (SAVE FOOD)

In addition to the recovery of pastries, the PACK-SAVER is also used for chocolate products, candies, etc., but also for coffee, sugar, flour etc.

Source: Food Business Gulf