Sophie’s Bionutrients unveils world’s first microalgae burger patty

Singapore-based food technology company Sophie’s Bionutrients has announced the launch of plant-based burger patty made from microalgae.

The company claims that its alternative meat patty contains more protein than beef and fish.Sophie’s Bionutrients co-founder and CEO Eugene Wang said: “We have been working relentlessly towards strengthening global food security by unlocking the limitless possibilities of nature – with microalgae being a vital source of nutrients in the ocean.

“By developing this burger, we hope to showcase the versatility of the microalgae protein flour that goes beyond making plant-based seafood products.

“Microalgae-based products can match or exceed the nutritional value of meat. We will continue to synergize the power of nature and technology to broaden our range of plant-based products, while doing good for the environment.”

For producing the patty, the company uses various strains of microalgae such as chlorella that are universally found in health supplements.

The microalgae strains have been approved by the Singapore Food Agency and European Food Safety Authority for being safe for consumption.

The 60g patty is said to contain 25g of proteins and nine essential amino acids such as histidine and leucine that are essential for producing proteins and tissue repair.

Scaling up the protein source from single-cell microalgae, Sophie’s Bionutrients produces a protein-rich plant-based flour, which is extruded into textured protein crumbles to give a chewy meat-like consistency. The crumbles are then formed and shaped into patties.

For seasoning, the company uses ten spices such as paprika, nutmeg, cloves and bay leaf that offer a rich umami flavour.

In addition to burger patty’s, the food-tech company is also engaged in developing crab cakes and protein crackers, which are currently in the pipeline.

Source: Food Processing Technology